Quick Banana Bread from Scratch

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  1. Andrew says:

    Not relevant to the article at all… but on another site you said that you’d like to be able to develop black-and-white film, or get it done. Well, the UK company Ilford still does that, and has some US distribution (I think). Google Ilford Film and you’ll find them. Doing it yourself is a bit tricky, but not terribly hard – but you need one specific piece of equipment. I think that Ilford have a “how to” section on their site if you want to go down that road.

  2. DeAnne says:

    Oh, fantastic! Thanks!

  3. Kandis says:

    Hi, DeAnne…I found this site in a round-about way-I was trying to find a recipe to make bourbon jelly, and got sent to a blog site where you said you and your mom made it in the past. Is there any way you could email me your recipe? I’d really appreciate it. BTW, this site is pretty cool! I’ll probably come back here to browse when I have more time. Thanks in advance!

  4. DeAnne says:


    I’ll ask her to send it to me and I’ll drop you an email when she does. :) She’s a fairly busy executive chef, so it may take her some time to get around to typing it up, just fyi. :)

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