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Perched on the banks of the lakes of the Texas plains, Soapy Hollow is an artisan, cottage-based, woman-owned,  Texas bath, body and spa products studio. Following a tradition learned from generations of soapmakers in the Appalachian mountains, my goal as a soapmaker is to nourish both body and spirit with the freshness and beauty of Mother Nature's bounty. 

I research each of my ingredients thoroughly and incorporate Organic and Fair Trade sources whenever possible. The essential oils that scent my products are brewed by master distillers around the world. All of my products are vegan safe and cruelty free. I never use ingredients that have been tested on animals. In fact, the closest I come to animal testing is chasing a muddy child and his dog with a bar of soap. 

In the years since Soapy Hollow started as a kitchen hobby, my product line has evolved to include the finest butters, oils and fragrances, as well as botanical skin quenchers, emollient butters, decadent body scrubs, clays and muds from across the globe, and a host of products for enriching body and soul. Today, Soapy Hollow is a socially responsible micro business with a goal of making my customers as happy to use my products as I am to make them. 

Come on in to Soapy Hollow, the water is fine. 

Do you have questions about payments, products, shipping, returns and privacy policies?  Our FAQ has all the answers. 

Also, here's some  information about aromatherapy, and information about the history of soap and soapmaking.  

Medical advice: 

 We are not doctors, we don't even play them on TV. Nor are we dispensing medical advice, diagnosis, or anything else that could get us in trouble with the AMA or other scary 3-initial organizations. 


  • Do not eat soap. We know it smells really good, but please, don't eat the soap. In fact, don't eat any of the products. 
  • Do not lather yourself up, and then attempt acrobatics in the tub. Unless, of course, you're insured for that sort of thing. Or you're circus folk. 
  • Do not strap soap on to your feet and attempt to skate on rainy days. That only worked for Charlie Chaplin. 
  • As Wendy in Peter Pan so clearly showed us, you cannot use soap to attach your shadow.  Try not to lose your shadow, as it can only be reattached by thread and an imaginative child. 
  • Oils on ceramic can be slippery. Please use caution when entering or exiting a tub when using any product that may leave a slick residue. 
  • Despite the fizzing, bath bombs are not oversized tummy tablets.  Do not ingest bombs.  See Advisory 1.  
  • Do not spray spritzers directly into your eyes, it might sting. Also, it's a pretty dumb thing to do.
  • Keep products out of the reach of children, because gosh darn it, you deserve some nice things of your own.

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