How To: Make a small batch of traditional soap

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  1. Robin says:

    How long do you let it set before using it?
    It looks so yummy…

  2. DeAnne says:

    You want to let traditional soap “cure” for about a month before using it. The saponification process is done by the time you unmold usually, but the soap will have a really high water content. Thus, if you use it right away, it melts pretty quickly. Letting it cure for 30+ days will let the water in the recipe evaporate, making a very hard and very long lasting soap. You can let soap cure for almost forever with no ill effects. I just tossed a bar into my shower that I made over 5 years ago, and it still smells brand new, and it’s hard a rock, has fantastic lather, and will last in the shower for weeks and weeks and weeks.

  3. Lakaya says:

    Brilliant. “Crossing the streams …bad.” I nearly fell over when I read that and I’m still laughing. But….gotta admit…it puts the imagery in the brain to never make that mistake. Loved this article.

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