Instructables institutes a pay for content model

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is such a disappointing decision by Instructables. Thanks for speaking out about it for reclaiming your content. I hope they wake up.

  2. f says:

    I totaly agree with out.

    And none of the content is theirs. If it was a magazine, it would be ok.

    Pretty much people are going to get angry that the site is not unusable, leave, less people will post, and new users will be like theres nothing here, why should I pay, and the site will disapear in a little bit.

    Suposedly they will allow secondary images, but it still is really anoyying to have to click each step.

    this would be like google making you pay to get the link for a search result-that would never work well.

    This is kind of like where this place where you ask a question, and have to pay for an answer.That never worked well as people just went to forums, yahoo help and stuff.

    Hopefully its still usable, otherwise it will probably be gone is a couple years, and google will make their own thing simular to this

  3. Vincent says:

    I know this post is a little old, but this is an interesting topic. I had no idea Instructables did that. They must have changed it somewhat since this post because I haven’t had any trouble viewing any content.

    It says things like you can download PDFs and see “all steps” on one page. I can already do that and I have no pro membership so maybe their description is outdated? One thing that is true is the text editor is limited – they limit how many buttons you get to work with when creating new projects. That’s pretty lame.

  4. DeAnne says:

    Yeah, since this was originally published, they changed their policy on a lot of things. There was a really huge outcry from the people who contributed content, and they realized that the bad PR was going to cost more money than the new model was going to bring in.

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