Interview: Elizabeth Carnahan from Longcroft Soaperie

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  1. Lucky me, I know first hand how amazing Elizabeth’s soaps are! You can feel all of her love and goodness in every bar! And her fragrances are intoxicating! :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Unfortunately Longcroft Soaperie has now closed down, from reading the details on their site at the time (circa late 2008) they wanted to concentrate on Grace Fruit.

    Shame, as they were a show case for the ordinary person to inspire the rest of us on “how to” do it and make a proper business from it.

  3. DeAnne says:

    I haven’t talked to her recently, but I did know that GraceFruit was booming, and she was having less and less time to spend on manufacturing. She’s a wonderful person, and I hope her supply business is robust enough to survive the economic downturn we’re all facing.

    A lot of us who did manufacturing found that our insurance rates and similar expenses tripled at the same time that orders were going down and wholesalers slowed their buying…and it just didn’t make sense anymore for us to keep selling to the public.

    We’ll see what happens when the economy picks back up. I think you’ll see a lot of folks like Beth and myself re-entering the consumer market once luxury items like handmade soap go back on people’s “treat myself to something nice” radar.

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