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Spicy Mint
Spicy Mint

Sweet Basil - Linalool Chemotypes ( Ocimum basilicum ) has a sweet, uplifting aroma, and is useful for headaches (including migraines), earaches, 'flu symptoms, sinus congestion, depression, and fatigue. It also has a balancing effect on the nervous system and is considered an excellent nerve tonic. Sweet Basil is credited with the ability to give the mind strength and clarity and as such is regarded as a useful study aid. Sweet Basil essential oil is also quite useful in natural perfumery for its lasting sweetness and unique herbaceous/woody/balsamic undertones.

Origin - USA - Steam distilled - from the leaves & tops

  • Therapeutic grade
  • Top to middle note
  • Sweet, spicy scent with a balsamic undertone


Eucalyptus (steam distilled) from Australia (wild grown) - (Eucalyptus radiata) Our therapeutic grade Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus is also known as Grey Eucalyptus or Peppermint Eucalyptus. In his book Advanced Aromatherapy, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt calls Eucalyptus radiata the number one, all purpose Eucalyptus oil. Narrow Leaf essential oil has a more pleasing aroma than the more common Blue Gum Eucalyptus. Due to its pleasant smell and its valuable chemical constituents, this is our favorite Eucalyptus oil. Although it has strong antiviral properties, it is also gentler than Eucalyptus globulus, and therefore useful in aromatherapy preparations for children and the elderly.

Origin - Australia - steam distilled - from the leaves.

  • Therapeutic grade
  • Top note
  • Fresh, camphorous, stimulating
  • Cooling
  • Repels insects
  • Aromatherapy use - Antiseptic, immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, treats skin, ear, nose and throat problems, lungs and coughs, urinary ailments, fevers, fatigue, arthritis

Peppermint - ( Mentha piperita ) essential oil has a wonderfully fresh, minty aroma and can be used for both aromatherapy and natural perfumery. Since its aroma strength is pronounced due to its menthol content, care should be taken with the amount used. Peppermint is useful in headache, digestive, respiratory and skin formulations. This oil should not be used during pregnancy.

Origin - USA - Steam distilled - from the leaves
  • Therapeutic grade
  • Top note
  • Aromatherapy use - Analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, decongestant, stimulant


Rosemary - ct Cineole (Wild) ( Rosmarinus officinalis - 1,8 Cineole Chemotype ) Rosemary is a well known herb native to the Mediterranean region. Rosemary essential oil is used therapeutically in skin and hair care products as well as memory formulas and various liniments. This Rosemary essential oil is the chemotype 1,8 Cineole, especially useful against staph and strep bacteria. It is less camphorous than some other types of rosemary. It also has a lower ketone content than the Verbenone chemotype, thus it is considered a safer essential oil.

Avoid use during pregnancy. Not for use by people with high blood pressure or a history of epilepsy.

Origin - Morocco - Wild grown
Steamed distilled - from the leaves
  • Therapeutic grade
  • Middle note
  • Stimulant, antioxidant
  • Fresh, herbaceous, evergreen scent
  • Aromatherapy use - Antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, general stimulant, improves circulation, treats rheumatic pains, dandruff, hair loss, earaches, useful for skin care

Spearmint - (Mentha spicata) Spearmint essential oil has a wonderfully aromatic scent. It is a gentler essential oil than its close relative, peppermint, thus it is also better in children's formulas. Spearmint essential oil can be used in natural perfumery and in aromatherapy. It is considered beneficial for headaches and digestion, and gives an interesting lift and top note to certain floral essential oil blends.

Origin - USA - Steam distilled - from the leaves

  • Therapeutic grade
  • Top note
  • Pleasantly sharp, diffusive aroma
  • Aromatherapy use - Digestive problems, motion sickness, nervousness, stress, tension; stimulates appetite

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